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Lankey's Creek, NSW

Lot 1 & 2 Jingellic Road, NSW


376.12 hectares (929.39 acres)

Key Features

The Lankey’s Creek property, collectively totals 376.12 hectares (929.39 acres) across 3 freehold titles, and is located within the highly productive and highly sought-after Murray Valley Region of NSW. 

The property is approximately 20.9 kilometres by road to the NSW/VIC river town of Jingellic, approximately 33 kilometres by road to the town of Holbrook, NSW with easy access to the Hume Hwy and 48.4 kilometres by road to the town of Tumbarumba, NSW.  

In 1996 to 2000, this property was planted to 263.86 hectares (651.99 acres) of commercial Pinus radiata plantation. Today this mature plantation property is being harvested and the property is now ready for sale for either replanting or for reversion to productive grazing land or other uses including lifestyle pursuits. The favourable topography delivers a good mix of native vegetation reserves, creeks and gentle sloping ridges that deliver large areas previously utilised for plantation production. 

One can easily see the opportunity for the right sophisticated investor here, certainly, “they aren’t making anymore land”, so, as with all freehold plantation properties, once harvested, this is the time to acquire this sensational property before, it once again becomes a plantation effectively locking up this land for another 25 to 30 years. A lack of past cattle use, herbicide or chemical use over the previous rotation suggests Organic certification may be possible for the buyer.

Supported by an excellent roading network both internally and throughout the region, this property presents a sensational opportunity to the right opportunistic investor. The property receives good reliable annual rainfall of approx. 850mm to 900mm, the region renowned for its favourable site parameters which includes good nutrient soils. Germans Creek runs through the property leading to the flowing water of Coppabella Creek that borders the western boundary of the property.

The property is being sold in one parcel with an existing Forestry Management Agreement in place providing the current vendor rights to complete the current harvest program.

Lankey’s Creek Property:
Title Area: 376.12 hectares (929.39 acres)
Includes: 3 freehold titles
Productive Area: 263.86 hectares (651.99 acres)
Vegetation, Roads, Creeks and other: 112.26 hectares (277.39 acres)
*all areas above are approximate in nature - reference Property Maps - Rural Editor program

Property ID: 010-252




Mt Horsfall
Yarra Ranges, VIC

Address on available on application

Price On Application

128 Hectares (317 Acres)

Key Features

Ideally located within the iconic Yarra Ranges of Victoria and in close proximity to the town centre of Noojee (12 radial km - 7.5 miles), Mt Horsfall is an iconic native timberland forest that has consistently and sustainably delivered high-quality timbers since approximately 1918.

The Yarra Ranges represents some of Australia's most productive forested country with average annual rainfall topping approximately 1,449 mm (57 inches) and highly productive soils packed with nutrients, a feature of the wider region. 

This property is ideal for either continued timber production or development to meet the growing international ecotourism market.

- Mt Horsfall is located only 2 hours from Melbourne CBD (94 radial km - 58 miles).
- 128 hectares (317 acres) over 1 freehold title surrounded by government reserve.
- Mature Eucalypts regnans trees aged from 21, 41 and some up to 76 years old.
- High annual rainfall (1,449 mm - 57 inches), deep red fertile soils, undulating terrain.
- Well managed, roaded and excellent year round access.