Direct engagement to all levels of key stakeholders.

Through our group of companies, Smith Agri International has demonstrated hands-on experience and proven capabilities within the Australian and global agribusiness, forestry and AgTech sectors.

Our companies are structured to focus on targeted industry sectors in the representation of our clients' unique requirements, and focus on a multitude of agribusiness objectives including strategic resource procurement (biological, land and infrastructure), export logistics, product distribution, domestic and international regulatory liaison.

Smith Agri International Pty Ltd



We believe no agribusiness asset type or size is too difficult. Smith Agri International prides itself on transparently working with our clients to unlock true asset value, including the identification of alternative highest and best land-use opportunities, or the building of a complementary aggregation of ‘of-like’ opportunities suitable to underpin your asset sale. Maintaining a high level of personal transparent service and interaction across all key agribusiness stakeholders is a business initiative. Smith Agri International regularly engages at all levels of government, corporate, investor management, financial institution, key stakeholder, community and Indigenous groups. Smith Agri International maintains strong links with key industry associations and regularly presents at institutional investor forums in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe.

Long established links to sophisticated buyers at all levels, includes:

- Emerging investor fund managers,
- Family offices,
- Agribusiness industry participants,
- Market leading organisations (resource procurement, biomass, harvested resource)
- High net worth individuals, and 
- Sector associations.

- International institutional investors,
- Timberland investment management organisations (TIMO),
- Pension funds,
- Real estate investment trust’s (REIT’s),
- Mid-tier agribusiness funds,

Smith Agri International will ensure your asset opportunity reaches a truly engaged investor audience (domestic and international). Our 18,000 strong database and engagement within these sectors are up to date; each transaction building upon a solid foundation of over 30 years’ experience.

Smith Agri International Distribution Pty Ltd


Utilising our depth and tenure of experience across a multitude of global agribusiness markets and sectors Smith Agri International Distribution provides solutions for our clients who are making significant innovations in the agribusiness and AgTech industries.

Clients, who are typically undertaking significant game-changing projects both nationally and internationally that underpin existing industry and enable further enhancements for the future, partner with Smith Agri International Distribution to successfully deliver market entry and long-term market expansion strategies and activities. Through our deep knowledge of logistics and supportive supply-chains we deliver tangible benefits and efficiencies in support of their business' and their technology's true value to the wider market sector.


Virgin Forests Pty Ltd


A specialist forest contracting entity specifically set up to deliver a complete range of commercial forestry services throughout the commercial value-chain including:


- Commercial plantation management
- Planning and regulatory support
- Nursery liaison
- Establishment (commercial plantation, dedicated biomass feedstock)
- Maintenance

- Research and development
- Asset monitoring and investor reporting
- Supervision
- Co-ordination of harvest/haulage
- Market/supply agreement negotiation
- Logistic planning and implementation

SAI Digital Marketing Pty Ltd


Understanding what represents true asset value to the global investor network (sophisticated and unsophisticated) and being able to visually present key messages and performance within a limited time frame has been the catalyst for our in-house marketing teams' growth. 

We assist clients deliver:
- Periodic visual investor project reports - Video presents a quick and efficient reporting medium from which to visually report on remotely located projects whilst addressing the need for investors, their analyst's and executives to keep informed where in-person inspections of remote assets is logistically challenging.
- Drone footage video production
- High-definition landscape/feature photography
- Graphical reporting - Animation within video presentation delivers easily digestible key messages, sector highlights, illumination of key infrastructure (i.e. roads, rail, ports etc.) and comparisons to sector performance.  

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