Our Senior Team

Why us?

A trusted & transparent company ingrained with a proud family history.

Smith Agri International guarantees our clients strict confidentiality, and absolute transparency throughout our engagement (pre-sale to post-sale). 

Our team’s diverse background ranges from being raised on a horticultural farm, to extensive hands-on asset management and experience managing in-field teams of 30+, to an in-depth understanding of the complete agribusiness value supply chain. 

Our unique specialisation in supply chain logistics (farm gate to global market) sets Smith Agri International apart from less mobile corporate agencies. 

Internationally, our team has extensive on-the-ground experience in the Americas, Asia and Europe, and ongoing key appointments see us dealing and trading harvested produce globally on a daily basis in support of those ongoing engagements.

Our commitment to regular networking with our sophisticated contacts, attendance and presentations at international Agribusiness Investment Forums spans over 20 years and underpins our long established links to these active markets which enables us on behalf of our clients to identify and anticipate, market developments and trends impacting the wider agribusiness sector.


David Smith

James Wyatt

Russell Smith

George Souliotis