Mt Horsfall
Yarra Ranges, VIC

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128 Hectares (317 Acres)

Key Features

Ideally located within the iconic Yarra Ranges of Victoria and in close proximity to the town centre of Noojee (12 radial km - 7.5 miles), Mt Horsfall is an iconic native timberland forest that has consistently and sustainably delivered high-quality timbers since approximately 1918.

The Yarra Ranges represents some of Australia's most productive forested country with average annual rainfall topping approximately 1,449 mm (57 inches) and highly productive soils packed with nutrients, a feature of the wider region. 

This property is ideal for either continued timber production or development to meet the growing international ecotourism market.

- Mt Horsfall is located only 2 hours from Melbourne CBD (94 radial km - 58 miles).
- 128 hectares (317 acres) over 1 freehold title surrounded by government reserve.
- Mature Eucalypts regnans trees aged from 21, 41 and some up to 76 years old.
- High annual rainfall (1,449 mm - 57 inches), deep red fertile soils, undulating terrain.
- Well managed, roaded and excellent year round access.