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Our market edge

Direct engagement to all levels of key stakeholders.

Smith Agri International is a fully qualified licensed real estate services firm uniquely positioned within the Australasian rural real estate market, specialising in the representation of ‘institutional-grade’ agribusiness assets both on-and-off market.
A unique feature of Smith Agri International is our national and international reach, and our regular engagement with institutional and sophisticated investors located throughout the world. As an attendee and regular presenter at key institutional investment forums throughout North America, Europe and Australasia for over 20 years, Smith Agri International maintains close relationships with known and emerging global agribusiness investors and hence when we introduce investment opportunities to our database, investors readily engage.

Our team is passionate about the agricultural, horticultural and timberland sub-sectors and continually stays at the forefront of these sectors. We engage firsthand with known and emerging funds, asset management companies, family offices and high net-worth individuals. Through these day-to-day links, Smith Agri International confidently delivers our clients a truly global pool of active and emerging buyers that will consider and engage in the assets we represent and present for their consideration.

Our team’s diverse background ranges from being raised on farms to hands-on asset management experience to an in-depth understanding of the agribusiness value chain. Internationally, our team has extensive on-the-ground experience in Australasia, North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to identify, and anticipate, market developments and trends impacting the agribusiness sector.
With an active international database of over 18,000 investors and interested parties, Smith Agri International delivers high levels of competitive tension to those we represent, underpinning the highest possible price upon the most favourable terms.

Assesment, Development & Advisory


Our team is highly tuned to corporate governance requirements and follows a proven documented process tailored to each unique asset. 
Complementing process is our expertise in design, development and presentation of market relevant information and key asset data, designed to channel interested parties to a professionally controlled asset data disclosure in support of true asset value.
Smith Agri International ensures key asset information (including key features) are professionally represented to align with sophisticated investor needs and the agreed sale methodology is clearly represented to all buyers, known and emerging.

We professionally and transparently disclose asset information in a controlled staged process. Key data, drone footage and reports are released through a structured virtual data room (VDR) post non-disclosure agreement completion, providing analysis of buyer activity in support of professional client control.

Smith Agri International works closely with qualified investors to support and identify potential growth and acquisition opportunities across the agribusiness sector. We are able to identify suitable targets, both regionally and internationally, drawing on our comprehensive and meaningful industry relationships. Our advisory practice is focused on process management, effective transaction structuring and supply-chain logistical efficiency.

As required throughout the process, we work closely with other advisers including consultants, financial and legal professionals. 
Smith Agri International provides our clients with a highly relevant and experienced team fully equipped to assess the assets, past operations, existing JVs, stakeholder agreements, market supply agreements and provide reliable transparent structure and economic advice. We place ourselves in our clients’ shoes to ensure every possible business advantage is considered to the benefit of our client. Enquiries are professionally addressed and followed up, maintaining ongoing engagement with all buyers following initial inquiry.

Sell  Side:

Buy Side:

Evaluation, Negotiation & Contract Terms


Smith Agri International guarantees our clients strict confidentiality, and absolute transaction transparency throughout our engagement (pre-sale to post-sale). Our team has extensive first hand knowledge and experience directly dealing with agribusiness (timberland, agricultural and horticultural) transactions and maintains a very strong industry profile and reputation.

We deliver detailed progress reports periodically to suit our clients’ needs. These reports transparently outline project progress, analysis of those interested parties, their activity within the virtual data room, their past sector performance, capacity and capability to complete.

We confidently lead all negotiations with investors, industry professionals and appointed legal and accounting representatives. Notably, we can ‘talk the talk’ around any issues and matters of importance. We fully appreciate the key points of commercial value including; influences and effects of value-chain economics, stock and seasonal timing to markets, supply and demand dynamics and the affects that known and/or emerging markets may have on the ultimate asset value.
Smith Agri International has extensive private and public contract development experience, and fully appreciates the complexities of such transactions and ongoing obligations to key stakeholders. We strive to offer an holistic approach to our engagements, where we assist our clients from initial asset assessment to sale completion.